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Do my annuity payments continue to my beneficiary?
You or your beneficiary will receive a minimum
of $0 in cumulative annuity payments.

Beneficiary Protection is also described as a refund or a certain period, during which, annuity payments are made to you or to your beneficiary. While annuities provide for lifetime income, by electing Beneficiary Protection you and your beneficiary can be assured a minimum amount of payments.
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    Gender: Male
    Age: 70
    Income Fequency: Annualy
    Premium: $100,000
    Annuity Payment: $0  
    Type of Annuity: Life with 10 Years  
    Single or Joint: Single
    Payment Pattern: Level
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The form of annuity you choose depends on how much retirement income you want, whether it covers one or two lives, whether it's for a temporary/fixed period or for life, and the amount and type of beneficiary protection you want. Some annuities provide beneficiary protection such that payments continue after the death of the annuitant. The protection can be expressed in terms of the total amount of payments paid out irrespective of the date of death of the annuitant. For example, under a Life with 100% Refund Annuity, beneficiary protection equals your premium deposit. It's essentially a "money back guarantee" in case of early death of the annuitant.